Polystyrene Recycling Can Help Relieve The Excessive Packaging Of Fresh Products Purchased Online


Removing the packaging carton, open the foam box, then remove the filling material, finally open the plastic box, and finally see a small fruit. This kind of unpacking express scene, which is a common scene for those who often buy fruits online. Fresh food has strict requirement for heat and fresh preservation, it brings great convenience to people, but also causes huge amount of express packaging. When more and more people begin to develop the habit of buying fresh food from all over the world online and pursue upgraded consumption, do they really have to sacrifice the environment?


With the rapid development of technology and e-commerce, people especially young generation, tend to like shopping online which not only can save time but also can compare the price to have cost performance.


For instance, only one pound of cherries has double-layered packing protection in a white foam box and carton, and there are some plastic filling materials inside. The online order is total of 5 kilograms of fruit, the collection of cartons, foam boxes and plastic boxes add up to more than a dozen, according to a customer of amazon.


Most of these packaging materials are valuable, such as the plastic foam box can be crushed.With GREENMAX polystyrene compactor to produce plastic pellets. But most people seem to have misconception that even the scavengers are not interested in them. Therefore, due to its lightweight, bulky size and easily blown away nature, polystyrene disposal has been a serious problem for eco-system balance.



Although some cities in the USA have propelled the ban on polystyrene foam, GREENMAX has developed versatile polystyrene recycling machine, which has been proved great helpful around the whole world in recycling polystyrene packaging.



The collected polystyrene disposal is turned over to a circled economy, which recycles it into new materials, polystyrene waste is fed into the machine at one end, then shredded, heated, and pressed through an opening at the other end. After the compaction, the densified blocks can be sold back to at high price, and manufacturers can pelletize and reproduce those densified scraps into frame products. Therefore, with the advent of polystyrene recycling machine, more and more job opportunities have been offered in polystyrene recycling industry.