Polystyrene recycling is of great importance to energy saving and environment protection


Due to the bad reputation for being unrecyclable, polystyrene foam has also been the talk of bans like the plastic bag. However, there is still a lot of activity on polystyrene recycling.


According to the 2016 EPS Recycling Rate Report, more than 118 million pounds of EPS were recycled in 2016, including 63 million pounds of post-consumer packaging and 55.7 million pounds of post-industrial packaging. Over the past decade, EPS has achieved an average recycling rate of 15%, one of the highest of the plastics family, according to the EPS Industry Alliance.


It is believed that a growing trend in polystyrene recycling will be boosted in the future.
A recycling project to demonstrate the recyclability of post-consumer polystyrene packaging has been opened in North American, wherefor Pyrowave and Ineos Styrolution America LLC have formed a strategic partnership to support the project. This project will be represented with various actors from the value chain of the polystyrene industry, and INEOS is the first manufacturer to join the consortium. While currently only operating in Montreal, Pyrowave plans to install additional systems in other parts of North America.

Polystyrene is a too valuable material to end up in landfills and the most valuable polystyrene disposal is recycling. In INTCO RECYCLING, the GREENMAX recycling machines can be of much help. The The working principle of the recycling machine is as follows.

This equipment is mainly used for waste disposal, including EPS (Polystyrene foam), XPS(Extruded polystyrene), EPP(Expanded Polypropylene), etc.. These materials will be pulverized by the crusher first and then compressed. It is not allowed to handle solid material. 

Through GREENMAX recycling machine, the waste pollution of EPS and other items can be largely reduced to protect the environment. Besides, by compressing the volume of EPS and other items, the costs of storage and transportation can be largely reduced, which will make the recycling process much more simple and convenient. In short, this machine has great advantages on energy and environment.