Polystyrene recycling program is coming back to Utah again


Does your community recycling center accept polystyrene? As individuals, we may not have such awareness, and most of us directly throw the waste polystyrene material into the trash can. As the result, the fate of polystyrene, like most household garbage , will end up in landfills.



According to the survey, many local recycling centers refuse to recycle polystyrene  for various reasons. The ban on polystyrene prevailed in the previous period has also brought huge attack to the polystyrene recycling industry.


Carolyn Wawra, Utah's recycling director, is pleased to announce that the center is now able to recycle polystyrene again. That's probably the best news we've heard during these days.


There are different forms of polystyrene products in our daily life, such as coffee cups, packaging boxes, house insulation and so on. The difficulty is that polystyrene products can not be disposed with other wastes. “The types of polystyrene that holds food does not work with their machine.” said Wawra.



Many recycling centers think that polystyrene foam is one of the more expensive items to process at the center. They have faced the problem in recycling machines. For lack of money, policy and technology support, polystyrene recycling has gone a lot of difficulties.


If there are effective machines, can polystyrene recycling be easier? At present, in addition to recyclers, many end industries are also looking for polystyrene recycling methods. SAFEWAY, a large American supermarket chain, has adopted GREENMAX polystyrene densifier to help recycle their polystyrene packaging waste.



The melting technology of GREENMAX foam densifier can reduce the volume of loose foam up to ratio 90:1, this process helps reduce much truck and labor costs compared with the previous disposing way.


We need not only professional machines, but also more recycling program. Recycling every piece of polystyrene can help make our world greener.