Polystyrene recycling should be promoted to replace the polystyrene use ban


There are many kinds of materials which are bad for the environment would be banned and some governments call for finding other alternatives to replace those banned products.

Polystyrene “to-go” foam boxes are one of the products covered by the ban. It would affect disposable utensils as well as polystyrene foam cups and plates. Restaurants and other local food providers would be required to use reusable, recyclable or compos-table products instead.



In a brief survey conducted by city staff recently, out of 141 restaurants and other affected businesses surveyed, 43 of them used polystyrene foam for some kind of food service goods.

If the ban really carry out, the restaurant will find a way to make things work , but for now they use polystyrene for their take-out boxes. And the urgent thing they need to do is to solve the waste of the polystyrene foam boxes or cups or plates.



Polystyrene recycling is the most possible way to dispose the waste polystyrene foam boxes. However, there are some problems for people to recycle polystyrene, because its large volume and light weight, and it’s not always clean enough. But if you clean up the dirty foam boxes by yourself, it will be possible for you to recycle the polystyrene.

The first step for recycling is to reduce the foam volume. After compressing or melting the polystyrene foam, it will be easier for you to store and transport the compressed or melted polystyrene. The recycled materials and be stacked on the pallets and sold to be recycled.



Polystyrene recycling is becoming more and more important for many people, especially the plastic recyclers. Nowadays, the price of the recycled foam is quite competitive that attracts many people to join in the polystyrene recycling industry. So the polystyrene recycling really need to be promoted to replace the polystyrene use ban.