Professional Styrofoam densifier is worthy of investment in foam recycling business

Styrofoam, also known as polystyrene or EPS, usually enters landfills and water resources, it cannot be naturally degraded. A large amount of Styrofoam waste is swallowed by animals without treatment, which greatly harms our living environment.

At present, the demand for plastic foam products is increasing, which makes it necessary for countries and enterprises to integrate plastic foam recycling into the waste management system. Therefore, the Styrofoam recycling market is gradually expanding.

For companies that do not want recycling equipment to occupy a lot of space, GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is one of the most effective solutions for waste foam recycling. The foam screw densifier can solve problems for companies that are doing recycling business or intend to recycle foam waste in the following aspects:

Time Saving: GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a professional recycling machine, which can easily complete large-capacity foam waste and save time.

Cost reducing: As the Styrofoam densifier can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, it helps to save the company’s transportation and storage costs.

Space Saving: Loose Styrofoam usually occupies large storage space, and enterprises can evaluate their amount of waste and choose any machine with different sizes and different capacities.

Customized service: GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is available for various foam wastes, including EPS, XPS insulation boards, EPP sheets and PSP food trays. It can be designed as your requirements.

Therefore, regardless of whether the company regards recycling as the main part of its operation, enterprises should adopt strict waste management agreements for Styrofoam recycling, which is the trend.

If you ask me whether the Styrofoam compactor is worth investing, the answer must be yes. You can consult INTCO recycling, we provide a total Styrofoam recycling solutions to help your investment get the maximum return.