Provide complete EPE recycling solutions for producers


At present, the recovery rate of European EPE packaging is between 40-50%. If you send less EPE to a factory that converts waste into energy, this number can be much higher. Major countries like Austria, Denmark and the United States are working to raise this figure.


With regard to the increase in packaging recycling rates, producers have the ability to make changes. We should give priority to extending the producer responsibility program, rather than letting consumers bear the cost. This is like basic business psychology. If you let people pay the price, you shouldn't be surprised when you lose support. “Even if the recycling cost is only 50 cents, consumers will not react positively."


But manufacturers don't have to worry about increasing production costs due to recycling. US FLEX electronics manufacturers in the production process, because the packaging will produce a large amount of EPE waste. To recycle the waste, the manufacturer chose to work with an INTCO Recycling in California to use the professional EPE recycling machine M-C100 purchased from the company.


The EPE densifier machine is capable of compressing EPE waste at a high rate and extruding the air content of the EPE by hot melt to form a regenerated EPE ingot. Compared to unrecovered waste, this ingot can reduce storage space and increase transportation efficiency.


INTCO Recycling is a company that serves customers first. In addition to providing different capacity machines based on the customer's waste volume, it also repurchases recycled EPE ingots, allowing customers to convert costs into revenue.


In EPE recycling, producers can implement it as a project. INTCO Recycling is the best choice for a complete EPE recycling solution for this project.