Pyrowave, A Canadian Company, Realizes Polystyrene Recycling by Using Microwaves

Pyrowave was selected as the 2021 BNEF pioneer for its contribution and creation of the technology of recycling. Pyrowave is a Canadian company, also a pioneer in the recycling economy of plastics and chemical recycling. The company's technology can recycle post-consumer and post-industrial plastics into new plastics, recycle these resources and reuse plastics, including polystyrene.

The production of plastics, a product at the heart of our modern economy, has doubled in the past 15 years. Especially polystyrene has played a vital role in our life: food containers, packaging boxes… Despite its many benefits, the issue of waste polystyrene and plastic is central to the need for innovative solutions. Pyrowave now has provided a unique technology to deal with waste plastics and polystyrene. The circular economy has been always discussed now, and Pyrowave truly leads the road to a circular economy by its new project. Pyrowave technology and its CMD600 reactor are primarily designed to process polystyrene, which is particularly suitable for styrene polymers such as polystyrene because it facilitates the controlled decomposition of carbon-carbon bonds. To sum up, this technology can chemically decompose polystyrene, be applied to a plastic circular economy, and achieve closed-loop low-carbon production.

There still exists a problem that needs to be solved. Pyrowave can recycle polystyrene, but waste polystyrene is hard to transport. However, if polystyrene can be processed in the first step after collection, reduce its volume, and then transport, the transport efficiency will be greatly improved. Pyrowave's recycling technology is unique. But at present, most recyclers carry out this project through polystyrene recycling machines. However, polystyrene recycling machines, especially polystyrene Compactor, can achieve win-win cooperation with Pyrowave's technology. INTCO Recycling is able to provide GREENMAX polystyrene compactor to conduct polystyrene recycling. The compactor can compress the air in waste polystyrene and reduce its volume, which is not only convenient for transportation but also can reduce the potential safety hazard caused by the accumulation of polystyrene.

Now the technology behind the polystyrene packaging supply chain, from raw materials and manufacturing technology to logistics, has made great progress in a short period of time. Polystyrene recycling is not only the final choice that polystyrene enterprises will make but also something that everyone needs to practice. The core method to protect the ocean and soil from the impact of polystyrene waste is to establish a strong circular economy and recycle and process the waste polystyrene.