Recyclers find new ways to recycle foam waste

By 2021, Canada will ban the use of many disposable plastic items, including bags, straws, cutlery and stir bars, to reduce harmful waste and damage the country's ecosystem.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced these measures to describe plastic pollution as "a problem we cannot ignore".

The Canadian government is helping small businesses across the country find new ways to reduce foam waste and turn waste into a valuable resource to support the circular economy, starting with Canadian recyclers.

Compared with the past, after collecting a large amount of EPS waste, recyclers generally choose to export to China or Southeast Asia because of the difficulty and cost of recycling. However, the ban on the import of garbage in China, the signing of the Basel Convention, has gradually formed a trend of countries to solve the problem of garbage by themselves, so recyclers are eager to find new ways to deal with foams.

They found a foam recycling specialist in California, INTCO Recycling. The company is able to provide customers with complete foam waste solutions, depending on the customer's situation, to provide foam recycling machine with different capacities and different recycling methods. For example this foam densifier, Mars-C200 machine can efficiently recycle foam waste and compress the waste by screw compression technology, which is easy to operate and saves manpower.

After the waste is compressed, it becomes a recycled foam ingot and becomes a commodity. Imitation wood materials, frame industry, park benches, etc. For the production of these, the recycled foam ingots are the raw materials of their products and need to be purchased in large quantities. Therefore, recycled foam ingots that save space can be one of the revenues of recyclers.

The recycling of foams is not only a problem that recyclers have to solve, but also a problem that the world is facing. But the new recycling methods that Canadian recyclers have chosen can help them solve this problem well.