Recycling and Reusing Methods for Preventing Pollution of Waste Foamed Polystyrene Packaging Materials


Expanded polystyrene packaging materials are commonly used packaging materials for household appliances and some fragile goods. The application of this material can prevent the damage of some large commodities. Therefore, it is widely used in the transportation of goods. However, when applying this material, there are also many negative effects.


In recent years, more and more foamed polystyrene wastes have been used in household appliances, packaging materials, fish boxes, fruit containers, and so on, which have caused greater pollution to the environment. Although many companies have realized the harm to the environment when applying this material, they have adopted a series of recovery measures, but the polystyrene recycling effect is extremely limited. Resolving the waste recycling and reuse of foamed polystyrene packaging materials is a top priority for the current application and development of this material.


In the use of disposable expanded polystyrene packaging materials, the recovery rate is relatively low, about 10%. Also the recovery is mainly concentrated in large cities, the recovery rate in rural areas and other areas is relatively low. After the material is recovered, the recovered product can be mainly crushed and reused in the processed product such as frames.


GREENMAX, the brand of plastic recycling machine from INTCO recycling, can well solve the problem, because it has many kinds of recycling machines to deal with waste plastic. It has several kinds of Styrofoam densifiers to process different types of polystyrene and foam waste, which will be a good helper to recycling polystyrene packaging.


In short, with the improvement of the living standards of the residents, the issue of environmental protection has attracted more and more people's attention. The problem of environmental pollution caused by the use of foamed polystyrene packaging materials has attracted more and more attention. Recycling and reusing are the better methods for environmental pollution when the current application of the material is solved. It is not enough to rely on the efforts of the enterprises and the government to do this work well. It also requires the participation of the broad masses of the people in joint efforts to build a harmonious ecological environment.