Recycling is a polystyrene disposal method which is better than landfill


Polystyrene was regarded as an innovative product when it was first created: lightweight, impact resistant, and both noise and heat insulating. Unfortunately people now know that it doesn’t decompose and stays in landfill forever.

The material polystyrene, which is most often seen in the form of disposable food containers, insulating materials and packing materials, is a petroleum-based plastic. Polystyrene foam is 98% air, so most of the materials are with bulky volume so that the polystyrene foam are good shockproof materials.



Polystyrene has a considerable contribution to make to the life of the consumer, both in the form of fast food packaging and as rigid packaging. As an industry sector, we contribute significantly to job creation, economic growth, employment and convenience living. All of these activities are supported by a well-structured environmental obligation that ensures that our environmental and extended producer responsibilities are met and addressed in the proper way.

Polystyrene languishes in landfills indefinitely, taking at least 500 years--and possibly much longer--to decompose. Polystyrene recycling is clearly a far better option. The most possible polystyrene disposal method is to recycle those items.



The polystyrene recycling solution is to use professional machines to reduce the foam volume for the first step. Because the small volume polystyrene materials are more convenient for recycling and reusing. And due to the small volume, it will help you save much storage space and transport costs.

Polystyrene disposal machines like compactors and densifiers can both reduce the foam volume with a high ratio. The compressed or densified blocks or ingots can be easily stocked on the pallets and sold to be recycled to make other plastic products.



For those who have large quantities of loose polystyrene foams, a few tons of blocks or ingots a month can possibly cover their costs. And these materials are facing a good market in the world’s raw material market. As you know, recycling is really a good polystyrene disposal method than landfill.