Recycling makes Styrofoam a more perfect packaging material without pollution


Styrofoam material is popular in the packaging industry due to the lightweight and impact resistant features. It protects goods from damage while in transportation process. There are there main types of Styrofoam packaging that are commonly used in our daily life.


1. Styrofoam packaging boxes. The large packaging boxes made by Styrofoam are widely used in furniture stores, fruit markets and logistics companies. They are mainly used as the packaging materials in the shipment of large equipment such as computers and other household appliances.


2. Styrofoam packaging peanuts. For some small, delicate and fragile items, in order to prevent them from being impacted and damaged during transportation, we often add some foam peanuts into the packaging box, this material is difficult to reuse and often ends up in waste streams.


3. Styrofoam food containers. Some supermarket packages are made of Styrofoam, such as small personal service yogurt containers and some pre-packaged fruit or vegetable containers. In addition, single-used Styrofoam food containers are widely used as disposable takeout containers. Disposable foam food containers are low in cost, easy to carry and use without wash, making them the first choice for takeout packaging.


In order to make Styrofoam a more perfect packaging material without environmental pollution, INTCO recycling provides professional Styrofoam densifier for foam manufacturers, furniture stores, logistics companies, and other recycling locations to recycle Styrofoam waste. Some organizations or enterprises have installed Styrofoam melter in the recycling center of the community, and the Styrofoam collected can be crushed and melted into dense ingots with the volume reduction ratio of 90:1. The melted Styrofoam ingots are in high quality and can be used as a good raw material for new foam products manufacturing.


Styrofoam recycling enables this material to achieve its maximum value. Hope that Styrofoam recycling machine can be widely promoted, so that Styrofoam recycling rate will be greatly improved!