Recycling new model - polystyrene recycling bank

In addition to roadside recycling bins, there are many recycling banks in the UK that can be used to recycle different materials, such as polystyrene recycling banks. They are located on streets across the UK as well as supermarkets and residential areas.

Polystyrene recycling banks are similar in form to recycling bins, but the biggest difference from recycling bins is that polystyrene banks convert the polystyrene waste collected by residents into currency for residents, creating social and environmental impacts in areas with severe poverty and polystyrene pollution. Even, polystyrene recycling bank has provided a market price above polystyrene waste, stimulating its collection.

In fact, the polystyrene recycling bank is not a non-profit organization, it has its own unique economic model. Polystyrene can be recycled, collecting a large amount of polystyrene waste from the hands of the residents, and then through the professional GREENMAX polystyrene compactor recycling machine, the high proportion of polystyrene is compressed into blocks by screw technology, which is convenient for storage and transportation.

These recycled polystyrene blocks are needed by a large number of end markets, such as manufacturers of wood-like materials, which can be used to make park benches, photo frames, etc. They using recycled polystyrene. If they don't want to spend time looking for a buyer's recycling bank, they will also work with machine manufacturing company, and GREENMAX promises to buy back recycled polystyrene.

As a new economic model, polystyrene recycling banks recycle polystyrene while helping people in nearby areas improve their lifestyles and environment.