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Recycling Process of Waste Polystyrene Foam

Recycling polystyrene foam, we usually used mechanical recycling method, will compact or hot melt waste polystyrene foam block into blocks so that GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine can reduce the volume and embrittlement, and then broken into small pieces in the crusher, after extrusion, then granulation.

For Styrofoam scrap, they are fed directly into a specially designed recycling machine, which usually has a large feed opening for direct insertion with a rotating cutter. The soft polystyrene foam sheet can be chopped and heated, then melted and extruded with a certain density of the material. Some waste EPS foam are directly connected with the exhaust-type extruder, direct and extrusion granulation.

greenmax machine

Recycling Process of Waste Polystyrene Foam:
GREENMAX recycling process is as follows: first putting the waste polystyrene foam into the crusher, then these foam will be broken into 60mmX60mm pieces. The impurities are removed, the crushed polystyrene foam fragments were blown into the circular silos by machine screw.

The next process: the foam block was put into the crusher and then crushed into about 20mm pieces, through the pipeline, these EPS scrap was sent into the intermediate storage tank for the use of the extruder.

styrofoam recycling

Waste polystyrene foam block gradually was melted in the extruder, with the rotation of the screw shear, the melted EPS was discharged from the exhaust hole. Finally, the compacted and melted material is extruded from the die.

The advantages of this process are:
As a result of the extruder, crusher and other equipment and the formation of production lines, it can continuously recycle the styrofoam;

greenmax compactor

The use of a polystyrene recycling machine, which can effectively collect and reduce the cost of waste foam processing, making the quality of recycled material is better, the density of recycled materials is close to the new material by using the exhaust-type extruder.

Fully automated GREENMAX recycling systems can reduce contamination to the plant and protect the environment in a timely manner.