Recycling Styrofoam cups is a good way to reduce environmental pollution


When you enjoy the delicious coffee in your hands, have you ever think about the fate of the single-use coffee cups? Styrofoam coffee cups bring much convenience to our life, but unfortunately, they are proved to be not environmentally friendly after completing the packaging mission.


According to the report, Americans throw away 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups every year, most of which directly end up in landfills although they are recyclable.


If you like to travel around, or just be more careful when you go shopping, you'll find that Styrofoam coffee cups are one of the most common white pollution. This situation can be found very normal because Styrofoam has so wide applications and it is very light and can easily be blown away from a picnic table or trash can. When Styrofoam fails to enter landfills, it often ends up in water. This is especially dangerous for marine animals by eating the Styrofoam scraps.


Styrofoam cups are difficult to recycle because it cannot be made into new food containers. If you don’t recycle the large size Styrofoam waste, it can become smaller and finally loose its value as time goes by. Foam cups recycling is a rigorous process that requires professional machines to simplify the transportation process, as only a few recycling centres have equipment to handle this fragile material. At present, less than 1% of Styrofoam waste is recycled.



If the Styrofoam recycling machine like GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor are widely adopted, the environment pollution can be greatly reduced. With the compression ratio of 50:1, the machine can not only reduce our storage and transportation costs, but also give Styrofoam the second life. Because the compacted Styrofoam can be use to make new foam products. As the improvement of people's concept of environmental protection, recycled products will be more and more popular.

Human activities have put much pressure on the environment, and we have to solve the problems as well. Recycling Styrofoam cups is a good way to reduce environmental pollution.