Recycling Styrofoam from the construction industry helps reduce millions of tons of carbon dioxide emissions

Studies have shown that less than 5% of Styrofoam materials are recycled in the construction industry, resulting in unnecessary waste and a lot of unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions. If all the remaining Styrofoam is recovered, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 18 million 600 thousand tons, and the incineration cost of plastic producers will be reduced by 118 million euros. What an amazing number!


Styrofoam materials and the construction industry have a very strange fate. On the one hand, Styrofoam materials can be used for wall insulation and material protection. On the other hand, Styrofoam can be used for making home furnishings. You may have heard that wood can make home furnishings, but not heard of Styrofoam can make home decoration products, which starts from the first step from the Styrofoam recycling link - the collection of Styrofoam. For the construction industry, a lot of Styrofoam packaging is demanded to protect the building materials, so the collection is not difficult. The only difficulty is that these materials take up too much room so that some people don't know how to compress them.


But in fact, professional equipment can solve this tough problem. The Styrofoam densifier offered by INTCO Recycling can reduce the volume of Styrofoam at a ratio of 1:90. More intuitively, it can turn a truck's loose Styrofoam into about a chair's size. With the help of this machine, you don't have to worry about insufficient space or expensive transportation. In addition, you can make money by selling these compressed ingots, which are the key to make home decoration products. It's much more cost-effective than paying for the disposal. 


The implementation of Styrofoam recycling in the construction industry will make great contributions to the environment. It can not only achieve Intra industry recycling but also replace the wood to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.