Recycling Styrofoam is a good opportunity for packaging industries to make profits


E-commerce is the current and future development model of commodity trading. With the rapid development of express delivery industry, a large amount of express packaging waste is also created, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for packaging recycling industry.


To please buyers, almost every packaging box contains plastic, Styrofoam or paper. For consumers, retail stores and logistics companies, the handling of such materials becomes an ambiguous responsibility. In fact, Styrofoam recycling is a good opportunity for enterprises to make profits.


The data shows that a 1 ton Styrofoam boxes can be reused many times before being thrown away, but in fact, many foam packages cannot be reused many times and are eventually discarded into landfills, which take hundreds of thousands of years to biodegrade. If 1 ton of Styrofoam is recycled, it will eventually get 0.8 tons of new foam material, which means that Styrofoam is 100% recyclable and can save us 80% of resources.


Now, more and more enterprises start to recycle Styrofoam waste, so the recycling machine from INTCO recycling has become popular in the Styrofoam recycling industry.


GREENMAX foam compactor has the capacity reaches 100kg/h to 300kg/h, it can crush the waste foam into dense blocks with a ratio up to 50:1, which puts out the air and reduce the volume for 50 times. The compacted EPS blocks are also a valuable material that can be sold or granulated into PS pellets and then made into new foam products as XPS insulation board and picture frames.


GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor is not only a good helper of express package recycling, but also serves furniture stores, fishers, recyclers and other industries. By compressing loose foam waste, buying back foam compression blocks, granulating and producing new products, INTCO recycling has turned Styrofoam recycling into an entire industrial chain, effectively utilizing Styrofoam waste.