Residents of Kalamazoo have four opportunities for Styrofoam recycling in 2021

Since April 2021, residents of Kalamazoo, Michigan have been able to recover certain types of Styrofoam. Thanks to the city's Environmental Concern Committee, it has been noted that many residential roadside recycling programs do not accept Styrofoam materials. As a result, this one-year pilot Styrofoam recycling project has emerged.


Residents can take the waste Styrofoam materials on the last Saturday of April, July, October, and January 2021 to Mayors’ Riverfront Park, 251 Mills St., from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Acceptable material is only Styrofoam with the #6 logo, and it must be rinsed clean at the same time wrapped in transparent or translucent bags. A bag with a color that can't see the material inside is not allowed. On the day of the Styrofoam recycling activities, the residents who have the car can drive to the recovery point, and the residents without cars can walk. When you arrive at the designated location, you can see the eye-catching signs, and find the Styrofoam recycling down point easily.


The aim of this Styrofoam recycling activity is to improve the climate change of the earth. According to Sharon Devor, a member of the Environmental Concerns Committee, improving the recycling system is important for protecting the earth's resources. The committee is working with “create hope”, a different faith response to climate change in southwest Michigan. The volunteers will work in the mayor's Riverside Park to collect and classify recyclable materials, which will be put into semi-trailers parked at the site, Duff said.


All of this collected Styrofoam will be transported to the recycling center centrally, where there is a Styrofoam recycling machine specially designed to handle waste Styrofoam, which can turn the loose Styrofoam into compacted foam. These foam blocks can be sold to manufacturers to make pellets for photo frame production. INTCO Recycling is a company specialized in Styrofoam recycling. If you have any questions, you can leave a message.