Save your Styrofoam packaging waste for recycling during Christmas

With the coming of Christmas, Styrofoam recycling programs have also been carried out in many regions. According to local news reports, free curbside tree recycling will be offered from Dec. 27 to Jan. 7 in Renton.

Some holiday gifts come with a lot of Styrofoam waste. You can find many gifts wrapped in Styrofoam, which is used to restrict the movement of televisions, video game consoles and other items during transportation. Is the Styrofoam packaging recyclable? Of course, the answer is YES. Clean and white Styrofoam packaging will be accepted, Styrofoam cups and food containers must be washed before recycling.

We must strictly control the waste stream during the Christmas holidays. Usually, communities organize recycling programs to encourage residents to recycle their gift and food packaging waste, especially Styrofoam, and then dispose of them at the recycling center. Many community recycling centers have invested in professional Styrofoam densifier that compress and reduce the volume of their loose Styrofoam waste and sell it to Styrofoam manufacturers to make new foam products.

Enterprises, such as logistics companies and furniture stores, are also in urgent need of handling their Styrofoam waste, which would otherwise occupy warehouse space and seriously affect the normal operation of their factories. In fact, there are many cases that Styrofoam end users invest in Styrofoam densifiers for waste foam disposal, well-known ones such as Living Space, J.B. hunt, etc. 

GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is welcomed by customers for its hot melt technology and high compression ratio of 90:1, therefore, customers who pursue recycling efficiency prefer hot melt machines. GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor also has its advantages, mainly in energy-saving, simple operation, and better treatment of water-containing foam materials such as fish boxes.

GREENMAX provides professional Styrofoam recycling equipment, aiming to help customers reduce foam volume during the recycling process, thus saving storage, transportation, manpower and other costs and improving recycling efficiency.