Styrofoam boxes recycling can be depended on GREENMAX recycling machines


Plastic bags and Styrofoam boxes have caught the Silverton City Council’s attention, thanks to a series of earth-friendly requests made by citizens on last year’s communitywide survey.
Being the subject of imminent ordinances outlawing their use in various applications and locations around town, the plastic bags and Styrofoam boxes, of which, the bans are on track to go to a council vote this fall.



If everything goes well, this fall in Silverton, retailers will no longer give customers single-use plastic bags, and restaurateurs cannot sell food or put leftovers in Styrofoam containers.
“I am somewhat negatively impacted by some of the items, but I am still supportive of them because it is the right thing to do,” said Councilor Jason Freilinger, who owns Odd Fellows Games & Electronics.
The proposed bans on plastic bags and Styrofoam containers are straightforward. Businesses would no longer be allowed to give customers their purchases in either product, both of which are inexpensive but widely known to resist decomposition in landfills.



Instead of sitting in a landfill, or apart from banning the wide use, there still exists an advisable solution for Styrofoam disposal.
Due to the unique characteristics of being bulky and light Styrofoam products, GREENMAX has specially designed recycling machines, such as APOLO series compactors and MARS series densifiers. Both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the numerous waste Styrofoam containers into blocks or ingots in order to make them easy to be stored and transported, which, as a result, can perfectly finish the most critical step of Styrofoam recycling.


You are certain to get amazed when the recycling machines could start to operate at an extremely high efficiency. The foam compactor can work at a ratio of 50: 1 while the densifier can even work at a ratio of 90:1, more efficiently than the compactor. Moreover, you may not get worried about as the truth is that both of these two kinds of equipment do not account for too much space, just a corner of your warehouse.
If applying the GREENMAX recycling machines, Styrofoam boxes recycling in Silverton City may be easily solved as well.