Styrofoam boxes recycling through professional machines ought to be paid much attention to


Do you like seafood? What do you think of it that the seafood can remain its freshness and yummy taste after the long transportation from countries along seaside to your dinning table without getting bad?


 Actually, it is a unique packaging material named expanded polystyrene (EPS), also known as Styrofoam, that keeps the seafood frozen by ice water. It functions as the perfect material for the seafood container because the Styrofoam box is cold-resistant and can easily prevent water from leaking out.


Every day, the Styrofoam boxes are in great demand in the seafood market as the seafood has been playing to the gallery. However, the crucial problem is that, as non-degradable material, Styrofoam boxes can only be used once and most of them would be buried in the landfill, causing much harm to our environment. According to that, Styrofoam boxes recycling must be paid enough attention to by all of us.


Fortunately, professional methods can be provided by GREENMAX recycling from INTCO, China. Due to the unique characteristics of being bulky and light of the Styrofoam boxes, GREENMAX has specially designed recycling machines, such as APOLO series compactors and MARS series functioning as densifiers. Both of these two kinds of machines can smash and then compress or heat the Styrofoam boxes into blocks or ingots in order to make these compressed or melted materials easy to store and transport, which, as a result, can perfectly finish the most critical step of Styrofoam boxes recycling.
What is worth mentioning is the high efficiency of these machines. The compactor can work at a ratio of 50: 1. For example, if you put 50 cubic meters of Styrofoam boxes into the machine, the compactor will screw them into pieces and then compress the Styrofoam pieces into 1 cubic meters of Styrofoam blocks. By contrast, the densifier can even work at a ratio of 90:1, more efficiently than the compactor. Moreover, both of these two kinds of equipment do not account for too much space, just a corner of your warehouse.


Continuous efforts have always been taken by GREENMAX recycling to the improvement and innovation of the equipment, which, as a result, is always moving forward. As a loyal partner, GREENMAX will be always trying to do practical things in the recycling industry.