Styrofoam compactor make Recycling more efficient and economical

This year is a very difficult year for Styrofoam recycling. Gasoline prices remain at historically low levels, for packagers, it is cheaper to make products with virgin plastic than to buy recycled plastic. Now, Styrofoam products are more common than ever.

In response to current environmental issues and the COVID-19 recovery plan, the EU may impose a tax of 0.80 Euro/kg on not recycled Styrofoam packaging waste from January 1, 2021. Although the implementation of this plan still needs to wait for the completion of the political agreement and formal approval, it also conveys a signal that the EU is tightening its environmental policy.

Obviously, packagers need to do something, either to find alternatives to Styrofoam materials, or to ensure the recycling of Styrofoam packaging waste. INTCO Recycling, as a recycling expert, recommends that packagers choose to introduce a complete Styrofoam recycling project to ensure the recycling rate.

INTCO believes that it is not difficult for packagers to ensure the recycling rate of Styrofoam packaging waste, which can be achieved by using a Styrofoam compactor. Styrofoam compactor contains two functions, crushing and compression. After the waste is manually put in, it is first crushed into Styrofoam dust by a shredder, and then hydraulically operated within a reasonable time. The volume ratio of the volume of Styrofoam block to Styrofoam waste is 1:50. If you want less labor, you can also configure a conveyor belt.

What can best help packers to stick to Styrofoam packaging waste recycling is that Styrofoam block can make them profitable. Not only INTCO has been buying Styrofoam blocks for a long time to produce photo frames, mirror frames, and has stationery, hangers, imitation wood materials and other terminal manufacturers who use Styrofoam blocks as raw materials for their products.

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company Sustainability Vice President Jim Becker said: "Recycling must be more efficient and economical." The Styrofoam compactor enables packagers to achieve these two.