Styrofoam densifier helps enable sustainable Styrofoam recycling in Monroe County


It is reported that Munro county recently identified a sustainable solution for Styrofoam recycling with the application of a foam densifier. It has found a way to make the recycling of bulk foam packaging materials more economical and environmentally friendly.


Expanded polystyrene is a commonly used packaging and transportation protecting materials. It has been used widely due the lightweight and economic and good thermal insulation performance. However, due to its large volume, Styrofoam waste is usually not accepted by roadside bins or even some recycling centers. Styrofoam is considered as an environmentally unfriendly and alternative material.


Styrofoam has been a recycling challenge for our environmental services team for many years, until recently when they have adopted a new recycling machine. "We can now more effectively accept and process Styrofoam, and make this material more valuable" said Cheryl dinoff, the county chief executive.


"During this holiday season, we encourage residents to bring clean white blocks of Styrofoam waste directly to the eco-park rather than putting it in trash cans or roadside garbage bins. Through Styrofoam recycling, we can continue to keep our communities beautiful and increase our ability to attract more jobs and investment to Monroe county.” Cheryl dinoff added.


Styrofoam recycling is a new business for Monroe county, the greatest advantage is that they have invested in professional machines, which helps them reduce the foam volume in an efficient way. To be more important, the recycled Styrofoam blocks can be sold or reused, based on the projected revenue rate, the county will achieve a return on investment within 15 years.


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