Styrofoam recycling equipment takes the integrity of the Styrofoam recycling project to the next level

The main business of California-based INTCO Recycling is to study for customers how to establish a complete solution for Styrofoam recycling. From how to recycle Styrofoam trash to the sale of recycled Styrofoam, INTCO will help customers design a complete and profitable Styrofoam recycling project in all aspects.

If the Styrofoam recycling project wants to achieve a high-profit return, it must first solve the problem of the volume of Styrofoam trash. Styrofoam trash with 98% air content is light in weight but large in volume. Even if the Styrofoam waste is stacked neatly, the storage space required is amazing. Not to mention transportation, the untreated Styrofoam waste of one truck is basically equal to the air of one truck. If the volume of Styrofoam trash is not solved, the recycling cost will remain high.

INTCO Recycling recommended a professional Styrofoam recycling equipment A-C200 for cutter based on the cutter’s waste volume and hardness when assisting a cutter to develop a recycling plan. The semi-automated recycling equipment A-C200 only requires workers to throw Styrofoam trash into the hopper mouth, and then through automatic crushing, cold-pressing screw and hydraulic plate compression, the final volume ratio of Styrofoam block to Styrofoam trash is 50:1.

Styrofoam block can save a lot of costs in storage, and at the same time, when it is sold as a recycled material to the end market, it will also save a lot of transportation costs. For the sale of Styrofoam block, cutters can find terminal manufacturers such as photo frames, baseboards, park benches for sale, or they can directly sell to INTCO. INTCO, as an established recycling company, also owns the terminal manufacturing industry of recycled Styrofoam.

Styrofoam recycling market has great potential, having a large amount of Styrofoam waste is actually equivalent to having a potential profit, and only requires a complete Styrofoam recycling project to convert it.