Styrofoam recycling in residential areas can be achieved by mobile recycling model

The city of Sturgis offered free Styrofoam recycling at the public service building 805 N Centerville Road in late February. The project was started because residents do not have a local convenient option to recycle Styrofoam, so this program provides great convenience for Styrofoam recycling in local community.

We have heard many cases about Styrofoam recycling for enterprises, but residential Styrofoam recycling projects are not so common. The difficulty of Styrofoam recycling in residential areas is mainly that we need a lot of preliminary preparations, such as investigating the amount of Styrofoam waste in the local area, improving residents' recycling awareness, and making sure how can the Styrofoam of dispersed communities be effectively recycled.

If it is confirmed that the above difficulties can be overcome, we can start to set up some Styrofoam recycling points for pilot projects.

It must be made clear to residents that acceptable items include any used Styrofoam, including post-consumption foam cups and takeout food containers, egg cartons, freezers, rinsed meat dishes, protective packaging foam and other foam with # 6 in the chasing arrow triangle.

The fact that Styrofoam is not only recyclable, but also has reuse value. This is a very important point, which is why we strongly advocate Styrofoam recycling. The local government should not only supervise the enterprises to do a good job in Styrofoam recycling, but also the local council can actively carry out Styrofoam recycling projects.

INTCO recycling can provide a convenient model- mobile recycling for residential Styrofoam recycling, which puts the Styrofoam compactor on a truck, taking the machines to different communities for loose Styrofoam compression. This process can greatly reduce the Styrofoam volume and bring convenient to Styrofoam transportation.

INTCO recycling is also a Styrofoam recycler, we purchase back the compressed foam blocks for frame products manufacturing. This recycling and reusing model is an example for recycling enterprises.