Styrofoam recycling program launched in Santa Barbara California

Recently, MarBorg Industries and the non-profit organization "Heal the Ocean" has launched a Styrofoam recycling program in Santa Barbara, California. Local residents can recycle foam waste for free at two collection points on the city’s south coast from Monday to Saturday.

As part of this program"Free the area of Styrofoam", MarBorg Industries and "Heal the Ocean" plan to explore more efficient ways to recycle Styrofoam waste through this pilot program.

“Not all Styrofoam is within the scope of this recycling program: Styrofoam used for electrical packaging and shock absorption and building materials can be directly recycled for reuse, but Styrofoam packaging in meat and other food residues, Styrofoam boxes for seafood and agricultural products need to be cleaned and dried before they can be recycled.” said Hillary Hauser, executive director of Heal the Ocean.

Hillary Hause introduced that Styrofoam products are made of non-renewable petroleum products. If the used Styrofoam packaging is not properly disposed of, it can be broken down into small fragments after long-term exposure to the air, and these small fragments are very likely to be released by the ocean. It is extremely dangerous for living things or other species to swallow them as food. She urged local residents not to throw away used Styrofoam at will. Hillary Hause said that because Styrofoam is still the most important packaging material, the implementation of this recycling project is expected to reposition the value and role of Styrofoam waste.

The collected Styrofoam waste will be further processed by professional Styrofoam densifier, which makes loose Styrofoam into dense foam ingots. With compression ratio of 90:1, the compressed Styrofoam ingots can save much storage spaces and transportation costs during the recycling process.

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