Styrofoam recycling program resumed in two Canadian cities

The good news about Styrofoam recycling comes as polystyrene bans are being issued in many countries and regions. Styrofoam recycling programs are reportedly resuming in two Canadian cities after a two-year hiatus.

The return of this Styrofoam recycling programs were benefited from a grant from the Foam Recycling Coalition within the Service Packaging Association, which provided a $9,700 grant to enable Brockton and Hanover in Ontario to resume post-consumer Styrofoam recycling.

The money gives a new opportunity for Styrofoam recycling. It will be used in the area to purchase specialized foam recycling equipment – Styrofoam densifier, aiming to crushing and compress loose foam waste to reduce volume and facilitate storage and transportation of Styrofoam waste.

Styrofoam material is widely used in our daily life as packaging supplies, because it contains about 95% of the air, transport costs are high, it is difficult to handle and manage from a recycling standpoint. However, the use of professional foam densifier helps to improve the economic value of Styrofoam recycling, and also makes an important contribution to our environmental protection.

Since the recycling program resumed, many residents have started recycling Styrofoam waste consciously. Our goal is not to waste valuable resources. The community will use drop-off points to collect the consumed Styrofoam and then take it to a central location and densify it.

The professional foam recycling machines include the well-known GREENMAX machine. GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is designed to recycle Styrofoam packaging by crushing and compressing. The screw compacting technology will reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, which means it can help you save storage space and transportation costs for 90 times.

In fact, everyone benefits when these valuable materials are recycled. For individual, residents can continue to use Styrofoam products; For enterprises, they can use Styrofoam to generate profits and for country and society, it helps them solve resource and environmental problems. Recycling Styrofoam is a multitude of things.