Styrofoam recycling should be carried out effectively to keep our earth healthy


Styrofoam is rarely collected in curbside municipal recycling programs. Because of its lightness, and foam is about 95 percent air by weight and large amounts need to be collected and compressed, or densified, before it can be recycled.

People can throw plastic bottles, glass, metal, cartons and paper together into recycling carts. However, Styrofoam's weight and density make it hard to separate at a sorting center and therefore is rarely accepted in the recycling programs.


From a business perspective, there is actually a great market for recycled Styrofoam. Although it's difficult to sell in the past, now the recycled Styrofoam can be sold at a high price in the world. However, what people should concern is that Styrofoam has to remain in perfect condition for it to be reused.

Styrofoam is big and bulky so it takes up a lot of room in the garbage can or in your garbage bag. So if you want to recycle the bulky waste, you should compress or melt it into small volume which is more convenient for transporting.


Styrofoam recycling machines like compactors or densifiers are effective tools for volume reduction. GREENMAX from INTCO can supply such machines. The machines can work at high ratio and they both have low energy consumption.

The compressed or densified Styrofoam materials can be stacked on the pallets and sold to be recycled. INTCO can not only supply GREENMAX machines, but also can purchase back all the disposed Styrofoam with a good price to recycle and reuse.


Recycling won’t be a problem, if people really find correct and efficient ways to dispose the recyclable materials. If more people are willing to participate in the recycling business, our earth will be healthier and healthier.