Styrofoam recycling through thermal densifier can be realized much more easily


One problem exists in our daily life is, the more wieldy and convenient something is, the less likely we are to notice its abundance and damages, such as the Styrofoam, and also the Styrofoam recycling.

In 1941, Dow Chemical Co. created a light, firm insulation board made of expanded polystyrene and called it Styrofoam. It was downhill from there – we know it mostly as packaging noodles or insulation for coffee. Styrofoam is light, holds its shape, and is easy to cut or paint.



The Styrofoam recycling is only convenient when the substance is manifest in large, clean forms like insulation board and refrigerator packaging. Even when the recycling option exists, people rarely follow through. The obligation doesn’t even cross their minds when Styrofoam takes the form of a dirty take-out container. In the case of small, food service packaging, consumers clearly cannot be relied upon.
Actually, to recycle Styrofoam is not necessarily a difficult task when applying a Styrofoam densifier. It is a kind of recycling machine which helps realize the volume reduction. It can deal with not only the large, clean foams, but also the small, food service packaging.


Equipped with a sharp crusher, the Styrofoam densifier can crush the large foam into small pieces immediately. Through a hot melting process, these foam pieces will be compacted and melted into solid foam ingots. To undergo such a volume reduction process, the whole recycling process can be much easier in that, not only the storage space, but the transportation cost can be largely saved.



Such a recycling machine can be found in GREENMAX, a world renowned brand specialized in foam recycling. As it has always stuck to, the foam recycling affair has won much support from all over the world. The partners we cooperated are mostly world’s top 500, such as ASHLEY, DOW, GREE, RICOH, COOP, WM, and so on.


Just remember that what goes around comes around. The efforts we made into the foam recycling affair will certainly give back what we put out.