Styrofoam recycling will continue its staunch dedication to environmental stewardship


Styrofoam is a material you may see almost every day as it insulates your home, keeps your food fresh, ensures your packages arrive safe – and, yes, Styrofoam is recyclable. For the past two decades, industries have consistently developed better Styrofoam recycling methods, despite of negative media coverage and legislative ban initiatives that continue to say it's not recyclable.

Growth in Styrofoam recycling can be attributed to ongoing innovations. Recent developments have led to advancements in Styrofoam recycling methods and even Styrofoam curbside collection. When tasked with tackling a Styrofoam disposal issue, GREENMAX takes a different approach with Styrofoam densifier, a recycling machine which can divide the recycling process into two parts: crushing and melting. The crushing is to make the bulky Styrofoam into small countless pieces and the melting is to make these foam pieces into melted ingots. These ingots will be put into a steel container for cooling and shaping, stored for granulation and then made into other plastic products. 

It would have a piece of equipment that would densify the Styrofoam. It would have a way of housing the raw material before it was processed and also finding markets for the processed material to be made into other products, and that is what GREENMAX is always doing.

The spread of Styrofoam recycling is not limited to cities and municipalities and a report shows that over 118 million pounds of Styrofoam were recycled in 2016, a figure representing 45 companies and independent recyclers. Compared to just four years ago, the amount of Styrofoam recycled has increased by more than 25 million pounds.

In the face of constant pressure, the Styrofoam industry has accomplished an all-time high of recycling, further reinforcing how hard the industry is working towards a sustainable future. Regardless of product bans and a never-ending supply of naysayers, the Styrofoam industry will continue its staunch dedication to environmental stewardship.