Styrofoam waste recycling has been attached more importance by Disneyland


Did you know that the Disneyland resort takes more than half of its trash out of landfills through recycling and reuse? styrofoam recycling is not only involved in industrial fields, but also expands to residential areas and public places like Disneyland and some supermarkets.



A few days ago, we have received an inquiry from Disneyland California, USA, which is looking for disposal ways of Styrofoam waste.


“There are a lot of Styrofoam packaging waste produced in Disneyland stores, which is about 3 to 4 tons of waste per month. It is currently given to a non-profit organization to dispose for free. The organization has a Styrofoam densifier, but the machine whorks slowly, and is often broken, thus affecting Disney's garbage disposal, so I wonder If we can adopt a machine ourselves.” described the customer.



As we know, the application of Styrofoam in Disneyland is not only store gift packaging, but also includes decorative molds, props background walls, disposable food containers and so on. The large amount of Styrofoam waste is usually bulky and takes up a lot of storage spaces. So it needs to be disposed in time.


Fortunately, the Disneyland in California now recognizes the importance of Styrofoam recycling and is taking measures to recycle foam waste. They have found INTCO recycling for equipment supply and technical support. The GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is of higher quality than other machines on the market and can achieve a compression ratio of 90:1 and the production capacity is up to 300kg per hour. The machine can ensure that your Styrofoam waste be disposed effectively and in time.



Styrofoam recycling machine not only facilitates the processing of commercial foam waste, but also is a good helper for the public Styrofoam disposal.