Texas fishmongers adopt the advanced EPS foam fish box recycling technology

Texas is close to the Gulf of Mexico and has a long coastline. Richly endowed by nature, some fish merchants living in coastal areas earn their living by fishing, whose daily job is to salvage fish from the sea and then send the fresh fish to various areas all over the world through the EPS foam box. In this process, EPS foam recycling is the key to the reduce cost and make the fishmongers out of the ordinary.


The lightweight and heat preservation properties of EPS foam fish boxes have become the reason why fishers choose this material, but every coin has two sides, it is also the reason why it is considered not recyclable. Fishmongers think that it is better to discard them directly more than to transport these lightweight materials to the recycling center due to the high freight cost. However, business-minded fishmongers in Texas have found opportunities in it.


EPS foam fish box recycling technology is now the most widely used technology. With the help of INTCO Recycling, many fish traders in Texas have applied this EPS foam recycling technology to their own business. 
When it comes to technology, you may think it's complicated, but it's actually very simple, and what you need is an EPS foam compactor. Maybe you have an acquaintance of EPS densifier, but the compactor is the most suitable one for the water-containing material of the fish box. You just need to throw the fish boxes into the machine, the waste will be cut and compacted into blocks at a ratio of 1:50, which could be sold at a high price.


GREENMAX EPS foam compactor offered by INTCO Recycling is made according to strict marine standards. The quality of every part can be guaranteed, which is 100% waterproof and not easy to rust. If you are looking to recycle your EPS foam fish boxes you have stored over the months, get in touch with INTCO Recycling as soon as possible, INTCO will provide you with a total EPS foam recycling solution.