The advantages of EPS and its recycling process


EPS foam, also known as polystyrene foam, it is one of the most lightweight materials. EPS foam has a wide range in packaging. In addition, it is consists of 98% air.



EPS foam is very light in weight, it has always been used in packaging for the convenience of transportation.

EPS is an excellent material in insolation because of its unique structure. This material is mainly used in food container for preserving heat. Besides, it is also used in building as XPS insolation board to protect the building from cold weather.



The waste EPS can be recycled to make into other useful products, the most important feature of EPS is the thermal stability and mobility is very good when melting,so it is easy to shape, especially in injection and molding.



EPS recycling is an economic way to reduce waste, using EPS recycling compactor is very easy and efficient for EPS recycling. A GREENMAX EPS compactor from INTCO has many years’ experience in EPS recycling, the machine can reduce the volume of the waste foam. Using this high-technology EPS recycling machine can make EPS recycling more environmental and efficient.



EPS recycling in the help of saving resource and reducing volume, in some extent, which has greatly attracted more and more attention.