The benefits of polystyrene recycling extend from environment to economy

Polystyrene foam has become a necessity in our daily life, but with the continuous increase of the demand and usage, unreasonable disposal methods make it bring us adverse environmental and health effects, and worsens the general waste disposal problems.

Polystyrene materials are usually classified into different grades for different purposes. Polystyrene has three grades A, B and C. Grade A is pure white and clean polystyrene foam for packaging and buffering. Grade B is fresh and seafood packaging with adhesive tape, stickers and other substances. Grade C is ocean buoy, and the outer layer is contaminated with polystyrene.

Due to poor economic performance, most recyclers are only willing to accept class A polystyrene, class B and C foam waste are always not accepted. In fact, effective polystyrene recycling can not only prevent environmental pollution but also drive the development of regional economy.

Benefits of polystyrene recycling for a variety of markets: manufacturers, furniture stores, appliance stores, food/seafood businesses, property management agencies, retail, schools and school districts, stadiums/parks, and any expandable plastic recycling programs. For these industries, polystyrene recycling not only helps them solve the problems of waste accumulation and warehouse occupation, but also makes profits from these waste and even open up new industrial chains.

A large amount of polystyrene waste enters the waste bin without being compacted every day, which is a serious waste of resources! Using a polystyrene densifier can more effectively recycle these broken waste, which is a smart decision for your business. This will reduce the annual budget for waste removal. Remember that recycling these products is valuable to you, economically and environmentally.

GREENMAX foam recycling machines have different of types for you to choose. We can design customized models according to your needs to suit your waste disposal. GREENMAX helps you recycle polystyrene waste both for environment and economy.