The best method for U.S. logistics suppliers to dispose of Styrofoam is by recycling

The logistics industry has been booming in the past year due to the increasing pursuit of the quality of life of American residents. Styrofoam, as one of the most common packaging materials, is widely used in the logistics industry. With the rapid development of the logistics industry, this kind of packaging material has attracted the attention of logistics suppliers.

In the past, the waste Styrofoam of some logistics is contracted to local Styrofoam recycling companies, which will probably cost $1000 each time. These recyclers carry out the waste at the frequency of two to three times a week.
Now some logistics gradually realize that this is not a feasible way. When they have a continuous stream of waste scrap, paying for the waste disposal is an uneconomic thing. The best way to tackle this kind of material is to do Styrofoam recycling on their own.

Although logistics suppliers have a sense of recycling Styrofoam, there are still some people who don't know how to operate it. In reality, Styrofoam recycling is very simple with a machine. GREENMAX machine offered by INTCO Recycling can turn waste into treasure. It can compress loose Styrofoam at a rate of 50:1 to form a compact ingot. In addition, behind the Styrofoam ingots, there is also a complete recycling chain, connecting the entire cycle process from the recycling machine, pellets, to photo frames. Therefore, the Styrofoam ingots are much more valuable than you consider.

For logistics providers, Styrofoam recycling is indeed the best way to deal with the accumulation of Styrofoam. It not only saves garbage disposal fees but also makes profits. At the same time, if you have enough space, you can choose to store ingots there and wait until the market price reaches your expectation. As for the price, you can consult INTCO Recycling.