The Enormous Potential of Styrofoam Recycling


People are also deeply troubled by styrofoam disposal problems when they enjoy the convenience brought by styrofoam. Because styrofoam is difficult to degradation, the burning or landfill treatment still causes environmental pollution. This has become a huge problem facing the world.


Recently, the world's first dhow, made entirely of styrofoam garbage, sailed to the island of Lamu in Kenya. This activity allows us to see new solutions to styrofoam disposal and the enormous potential of styrofoam recycling.


Styrofoam 98% is air, light weight but bulky. If you want to make recycled styrofoam into other items, you must first go through the processing of a professional styrofoam recycling machine.


The company Intco Recycling provides styrofoam compactor which can make polystyrene a secondary use. As a specialist in foam recycling, GREENMAX is the brand of styrofoam recycling machine with easy operation and advanced equipment, workers just need to throw foam scarps into the machine. And then long and white ingots will come out from the tail.


Styrofoam recycling not only reduces the burden on the environment, and recycled polystyrene materials can also be a good raw material for making other new products, not only for dhows, but also can be photo frames, decorative molding, etc.


We hope that more people will pay attention to the problem of styrofoam pollution, and at the same time spread the environmental protection concept of styrofoam recycling.