The facts and solutions about EPS foam recycling

One of the most confusing aspects of recycling: What can be recycled and who is willing to recycle it for you? There is one particularly confusing material that stands out when it comes to recycling, EPS-the most popular packaging material.

Is EPS foam recyclable?

EPS is recyclable, but due to the large volume, dirty surface after being used, and even many other reasons, this material is not popular in the recycling industry. Meanwhile, EPS is considered by the majority of residents as non-recyclable material. This is really unbelievable!

Has the problem of EPS recycling been solved?

EPS foam is account for 30% of the landfill space in America, the fact that illustrates the current plight of online shoppers. Although EPS brought great convenience to our life, but the increasingly serious environmental problems have forced us to abandon the use of this material. As a result, American states began to ban the use of EPS materials, especially foam food containers.

Although the recycling of EPS foam remains controversial, but the recycling rate of EPS waste is increasing every single year, and it is expected to grow higher with the development of recycling technologies.

Who is willing to recycle it for you?

If you're an individual, you should firstly find the local recycling center or the drop-offs and points that for EPS waste recycling. The region that executes waste management can have corresponding recycling points.

Professional machine is a good helper for both recyclers and some end-users. As the foam recycling specialist, INTCO recycling is willing to offer total solutions to all the foam recycers and some of the EPS terminal industries. GREENMAX EPS densifier is a high productivity melting machine that can reduce the foam volume at a ratio of 90:1, the melted foam ingots are dense and clean. This type of machine can help EPS manufacturers, packaging companies, seafood companies and other industries to get rid of the EPS waste disposal problems.

Different from other recycling companies, INTCO recycling also purchases back the melted foam ingots for new applications. Now, more and more industries are finding EPS recycling solutions from INTCO recycling.