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The Features And Applications of EPS Packaging Products

Light: The most of EPS space is natural gas, EPS packaging products, each volume of styrofoam contains CDM 3--6 million unique hermetic foam. Its volume is several times larger than any other plastic volume.


Insulation properties: EPS has great thermal conductivity and the thermal conductivity of pure air. So EPS foam is widely used in insulation board.


Noise performance: EPS insulation products mainly has two features, one, acoustic energy, reduce reflection and transmission; the second is to eliminate resonance and reduce noise.


Deputy Performance: In addition to anti-aging, it has the high-energy radiation for a long time, no significant aging products. It can be a lot of chemicals, such as acid, alkali, methanol, limestone, asphalt.


foam solid

Load capacity: with the impact of load, EPS packaging products can make energy consumption through stagnation and compression, dispersion, negative acceleration of foam reduced, gradually ends the impact load, so it has good shock effect.


Antistatic: due to reduced performance of the EPS product, therefore, the triboelectric changes in their products do not affect the user. High-precision electronic products, especially modern polystyrene appliances packaging manifold structure surrounding elements, anti-static EPS packaging products are used Styrofoam as packaging.


eps packaging products

Due to so many advantages of EPS, the applications and use scope of EPS packaging is increasing. More and more waste EPS foam are displayed. In order to deal with so many waste EPS foam and reduce the white pollution, GREENMAX recycling designed and manufactured professional Styrofoam recycling machine system and provided a series of waste foam recycling solution.