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The Features of Styrofoam Foam Boxes

Styrofoam foam boxes are new environmentally friendly foam material with strength buffer, seismic capacity. It is flexible, lightweight, can absorb and disperse through the external impact force. Styrofoam has a series of excellent use insulation, moisture, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging, corrosion resistance. The white material, has significant anti-static properties. It is also a recyclable eco-friendly materials. Except for packaging, but also may be used for construction, electrical and mechanical engineering.

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Styrofoam boxes are featured by good impact resistance and cushioning effect. The advantages make it widely used in high-end furniture, household appliances, instruments gifts, wood, glass, ceramics, building waterproofing, carpet, laminated, noise, travel bags, precision parts, all kinds of pipe insulation and other fields.

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1, excellent physical properties

Strong insulation, insulation, waterproof, anti-collision function, a buffer, an ideal insulation and shielding packaging material, is suitable for mailing purposes.

2, superior economic performance
Because of its light weight, EPS foam can reduce the packaging material and transportation costs, is affordable.

3, good environmental performance
Recyclable, environmentally friendly trend.

4, multi-use performance
Styrofoam boxes can be repeatedly used, a variety of combinations can be modified for specific dimensions of the articles, and convenient.


Some people choose to put waste EPS into landfills or burn EPS material, but this action have much pollution on air, water and soil. But GREENMAX recycling machine can compact or hot melt EPS into tight block and the compacted EPS blocks can be reused. As a result, the pollution and resource condition will be improved and changed much.