The furniture and home appliance suppliers in Ireland are seeking packaging EPS recycling solutions

As we know, in many countries with high EPS recycling rates, in addition to recyclers and EPS manufacturers participating in the EPS recycling industry, more and more end users are beginning to notice the importance of EPS recycling and choose to recycle EPS themselves to develop it as a new business.

Usually, we call EPS waste from supermarkets and home appliance distributors as commercial source EPS waste. Why do these end users start recycling EPS waste by themselves? Most of the reasons are that local recyclers do not recycle in time, or they see business opportunities for EPS recycling. It is also partly due to environmental considerations, to prevent EPS from being incinerated and landfilled with other waste.

Recently, a client from Ireland who is a distributor of furniture and home appliances came to find EPS packaging solution. It is learned that many of their products, such as sofas and refrigerators, will always produce packaging waste during the transportation process. At present, EPS waste is paid for disposal, sent to incineration or landfill. But they feel that these two schemes are not only a waste of resources, but also an act of loose money. They are paying 2000-3000 pound a year to dispose these waste, and another business has to pay more. With the increase in the amount of foam waste, they urgently need more efficient solutions.

After learning that EPS can be compressed by professional EPS recycling machine and sold at a good price, they have found GREENMAX.

GREENMAX mainly has two models of EPS recycling machine: EPS compactor and foam densifier. We will recommend and customize suitable equipment according to the needs of customers. At the same time, they can recycle more EPS packaging waste from other stores, then compress it and sell the foam blocks. EPS recycling can completely become their new business, bringing economic resources, no need to pay for processing.

At present, recycling policies in various regions are becoming more stringent, EPS recycling is the general trend, and more and more end users will join the EPS recycling industry.