The plastic bags ban in New Zealand reminded us of the importance of polystyrene recycling


On August 10th, New Zealand was declared as the latest country to ban the use of single-use plastic shopping bags. The ban is intended to take a "meaningful step" in reducing plastic pollution.


"We use hundreds of millions of single use plastic bags in New Zealand every year, many of which eventually pollute our precious coastal and marine environment and cause serious damage to marine life," Ardern said. "Just like climate change, we are taking meaningful measures to reduce plastic pollution, so we will not pass the problem on to future generations."



Now, not only plastic bags, all the plastic material, including polystyrene, has become a serious problem for our living environment.


It is not to refer that plastic ban is a good idea or not, but the fact is that polystyrene, as one of the plastic types has brought great convenience to our daily life. Although the environmental problem has become the focus in recent years, the efforts made for polystyrene recycling are also apparent.



According to a UN report in June, there are a large number of plastic bags used every year, which reached 5 trillion, nearly 10 million plastic bags per minute. Among them, polystyrene occupies 3% of the landfill. There is no doubt that this data is amazing! Polystyrene takes hundreds of years to completely degrade, which means there will be more and more polystyrene debris resided in the oceans and land. However, polystyrene is recyclable, and what we should do now is to recycle them.


To recycle polystyrene is not always an easy work unless you adopted the most famous recycling machine known as GREENMAX. The polystyrene compactor is specially designed for the foam volume reduction to simplify the transportation process, and the 50:1 compression ratio means that the foam blocks are 50 times smaller than before, it can save the transportation costs for fifty times. This is why GREENMAX is welcomed around the world.


At the same time, polystyrene recycling brings us great benefits. The recycled polystyrene is a good raw material to make new foam products, this is also a way to save resources.