The Recycling of Take-away Tableware through PSP Hot Melting Machine


Nowadays, the rise of take-away industry has led to the development of disposable tableware. All these take-away tableware are one-time use and the annual amount of usage can up to 10 billion or more. However, many people do not have the habit to categorize these plastic tableware after using it, and some people even just flinging it. Therefore, when we enjoy the convenience of disposable tableware has brought to us, the environmental pollution problems also follow up.
Disposable lunch boxes which be made of polystyrene paper (PSP) can not be naturally degraded, and were scattered anywhere which not only caused visual pollution, but also caused a potential hazard. The waste plastic products scattered in the big cities, tourist areas, railways have caused a huge damage to the landscape and the environment, affected the overall beauty of scenic spots.



When the waste lunch boxes were threw into the natural environment, it is difficult to degrade by themselves, which may cause a long-term deep-seated environmental problems and potential pollution. The structure of PSP is stable, and can not be destroyed easily by natural microbes, so it will exist in the natural environment for a long time without decomposition. At present, the common way to deal with garbage is to landfill, and the existence of plastic tableware will affect the disposal capacity of landfill waste.
Therefore, to solve these environmental problems is very important and urgent. However, how to deal with this kind of white pollution? PSP Recycling is a good way to relieve the pollution. By the way, these disposable tableware can not be used for utensils, and there are many difficulties in recycling, such as the economic benefits of recycling, recycling technical problems, so the recovery rate is very low, especially the expanded polystyrene tableware. Therefore, how to efficiently recycle and reuse disposable foam lunch boxes is a complicated problem. 

GREENMAX, belongs to INTCO recycling, can well solve the problem, because it has many kinds of foam densifier to deal with waste plastic.



There is a kind of melter machine can especially deal with the lunch boxes. This machine can crush these boxes first, and then after heating and extruding, these cups will become the densified ingots, with the volume reduction ratio up to 90:1. Because of it, the melted PSP are easy to transport and will have little pollution on the environment. Then, we can reuse the resources for granulation, refining, paint or for building materials. Recycling can not only avoid the "visual pollution", but also can solve the "potential harm" to alleviate the pressure of resources and obtain some economic benefits.