The recycling technology of waste foam takeout containers can be achieved with INTCO


As the weather gets hotter and hotter, many people are too lazy to go to the restaurant to eat. Most people choose takeout food service to solve their lunch.


While the takeout market is becoming more and more popular, the large number of food and beverage packaging waste also arises. Plastic or foam lunch boxes, plastic bags, disposable chopsticks, etc. constitute the main part of takeout garbage.

The plastic products used for takeout are polypropylene and polystyrene, which are difficult to degrade. Takeout trash is also mixed with food residue, except for lunch boxes, cups, plastic bags, etc. At present, after taking away the garbage into the sanitary system for handling domestic waste, some of them are buried and burned. Only a small amount of them are recycled.


A large number of takeout wastes increase pollution directly or indirectly to the atmosphere, water and soil. For non degradable plastic products, landfills will keep the garbage in the soil for a long time; in the case of incineration, the possibility of chlorine may increase the difficulty of flu gas treatment and increase the probability of the formation of toxic and harmful substances. If the disposal of food residue is not timely, it will easily affect environmental hygiene and increase the pressure of garbage disposal.


Actually, As the comprehensive recycling technology of waste plastics continues to progress, new materials made from processed waste plastics are widely applied. For example, after recycling, the recycled takeout containers can be remade into EPS blocks and then can be reused to make picture frames.


INTCO Recycling can help you achieve the goal of recycling foam containers. INTCO has much experience in different wastes material recycling including EPS recycling, polystyrene recycling as well as Styrofoam packaging recycling.


Foam containers belong to polystyrene, for INTCO, it is very easy to recycle foam food containers. INTCO can use a kind of polystyrene compactor to dispose of it. The machine, which produced by GREEMAX, a brand name of INTCO.


In INTCO, the waste foam container material can be compacted into EPS blocks by the polystyrene compactor. The EPS blocks are also valuable material, this material can be granulated into PS pellets to make picture frames, that’s what INTCO is doing.

The recycling technology of waste foam takeout containers can be achieved in INTCO. INTCO will help you recycle the waste, reduce the pollution and finally turn the waste into treasure.