The services provided by INTCO are more than simply foam densifier

On June 16, a legislator in the US House of Representatives proposed to advance the "The Plastic Waste Reduction and Recycling Act, " This legislation hopes to support the development of the competitive recycling industry, all recycling technologies, strengthen R&D and capital investment, etc. The Waste Recycling Industry Association and the American Chemistry Council have expressed support for the introduction of this bill.

"The United States is aware of the fragile plight of our waste management system." "It is no longer possible to ship our plastic waste to the international market, and American cities are forced to cut long-term recycling plans." US Congresswoman Stevens said in a press release : "There are many reasons why and how we got here. However, one of the main factors is because we as a country failed to invest in domestic recycling infrastructure and policies to cope with the growing recycling demand."

We are very happy that more and more people realize that the introduction of recycling technology can not only improve the waste management system, but also improve the local recycling economy, employment and environment. INTCO Recycling, as a veteran recycling company, realized this point and changed the service from simply selling foam recycling equipment to providing a complete foam recycling project.

If a recycling center introduces INTCO's foam recycling project, what will happen? First of all, INTCO will recommend a foam recycling equipment, such as foam densifier M-C50, according to the amount of foam waste in the recycling center. Foam waste will become a foam ingot whose volume is reduced by 90 times after being compressed by foam densifier.

Foam ingot can greatly improve the recycling efficiency of the recycling center and save a lot of costs in storage and transportation. The most important thing is that the foam ingot was promised by INTCO to buy it back, so the recycling center can make a profit.

The bill shows the support for recycling technology. It aims to "improve the global competitiveness of the US plastic recycling industry." The proposal of this bill has given new hope to the precarious recycling industry this year.