The status of polystyrene recycling and disposal in different countries


Although the recycling of polystyrene waste is still controversial, people’s action proves that polystyrene can be effectively recycled and reused. The recycling rate is increasing every year. Similarly, it is expected to increase even more in the coming years.


Polystyrene is 100% recyclable, and about 35% of Canadian communities receive PS food, and in its recycling program, others provide clean polystyrene whereabouts.



Industry analysts predict that global earnings per share will not be reduced for many years, but is slowing, as demand for China ' s largest polystyrene resin market has been reduced. China has been an important consumer of polystyrene goods because it focuses on foam insulation for new buildings and modifications as well as packaging and exports. North-East Asia, especially China, accounts for about 60 % of the market’s demand for the whole virgin polystyrene.


According to the Australian Packaging Convention, only 29.7% of the expanded polystyrene used in packaging is recycled. Part of the problem is that, when placed in a roadside bin, small pieces of polystyrene are mixed with other recyclables and are considered pollutants. As a result, most parliaments in Australia rarely accept polystyrene foam for roadside recycling.



In America, some manufacturers and recyclers has adopted polystyrene recycling machines to help their recycling work. In addition, polystyrene recycling has been also supported by the government and some organizations. Nearly 1 million additional residents in the U.S. and Canada can recycle foam as a result of the foam recycling grant program.


Recycling polystyrene requires special machines, but not everyone has them. Until recently, some people still think it hasn’t been profitable to recycle polystyrene in this way. But it turns out that there are no better choice. GREENMAX polystyrene densifier crushes the polystyrene waste into pieces and then the hot air melts it and finally extrudes it out as dense ingots. The recycled polystyrene material can be a good raw material to make other new products, such as photo frames, decorative molding and so on.



Although polystyrene recycling policies vary from country to country, But the goals are the same. We aims to recycle polystyrene waste and create a more environmentally friendly future.