The waste Styrofoam materials can be reused through GREENMAX recycling machine


Styrofoam is a light-weight material, which about 95 percent air is inside. With very good insulation properties, it is widely used in products from cups that keep your drinks hot or cold to packaging materials that protect items during shipping.

However, the qualities that make Styrofoam be an ubiquitous, cost-effective material is also the reasons it has become an all-out environmental nightmare. When the waste Styrofoam is threw into the environment, it is hard to degrade by themselves.


waste Styrofoam boxes


On top of that, the wind or rain may transport these Styrofoam to storm drains and water bodies, where it breaks into small pieces that are nearly impossible to remove. And then, these small pieces may enter into the environment, and slowly degrades into microscopic particles which known as microplastics.

These microplastics may lead to hazardous accumulation of non-biodegradable plastics in both land and marine environments, where they will stick around for many centuries. Microorganisms such as plankton may consume these microplastics, and it will affect the marine food chain. Finally, it will influence the human beings food chain.



Therefore, solving the issue of plastic pollution is important and urgent. There are several methods to deal with the pollution, such as landfill or burn Styrofoam material, but this action will cause pollution on the environment. Besides, the landfill space is becoming limited. So, Styrofoam recycling become a better way to deal with the pollution.


Styrofoam compactor


About the Styrofoam recycling, INTCO recycling has a kind of compactor which can compact waste Styrofoam into tight block, and help you to reduce the volume of Styrofoam waste up to 50:1. Because the compactor can smash the waste Styrofoam packaging materials into pieces by the blades and gears, and then it could be easily compressed into tight block. After compaction, the blocks can be reused to do other products, such as frame products and construction moldings.

As a result, the pollution and resource condition will be improved and changed much through INTCO Styrofoam recycling machine. And then we can reuse the waste material to do other products such as frames.