To recycle Styrofoam calls for an emergency demand


Whether you love or hate it, Styrofoam exists everywhere, from your coffee cup to your takeout container. Many food items, such as meat, fish and other seafood, are stored on polystyrene trays in grocery store. Styrofoam is also a common packing material in the form of packing peanuts, an insulation material in homes and padding material in many helmets, such as bicycle and motorcycle helmets.



With so much value, it can be hard to believe why Styrofoam is such a bad thing that to recycle Styrofoam calls for an emergency demand.
On one hand, as a plastic product, Styrofoam uses non-renewable fossil fuel resources. It degrades slowly and is highly flammable. On the other hand, for example, Marine life, such as marine mammals, marine birds and turtles, often mistake Styrofoam as food and then die for either starvation or choke when they swallow pieces of it. Worse as the fact is, Styrofoam is lightweight, it is only 0.01 percent of our solid household waste, but the volume of Styrofoam going to our landfills causes it to fill landfills with a product that lasts for centuries.



The best way to protect the environment from the effects of Styrofoam waste is to stop using it. That, however, is something that the world is not yet ready to do. Therefore, the efforts to recycle Styrofoam are very important though it is one of the hardest plastics to recycle.
GREENMAX recycling from INTCO has specialized in recycling for many years with its advanced foam recycling equipment called compactor and densifier. The compactor can work at a ratio of 50: 1. For example, if you put 50 cubic meters of Styrofoam float into the machine, the compactor will screw the Styrofoam float into pieces and then compress the Styrofoam pieces into 1 cubic meters of Styrofoam blocks. By contrast, the densifier can even work at a ratio of 90:1, more efficiently than the compactor. It is worth mentioning that the both these two kinds of equipment do not account for too much space, just a corner of your warehouse.



Continuous efforts have always been taken by GREENMAX to the improvement and innovation of the recycling equipment, which, as a result, is always moving forward. As a loyal partner, GREENMAX will be always trying to do practical things in the recycling industry.