Two important factors affecting the recycling rate of EPS foam


According to the survey, the manufacturer created a competitive market for EPS by modifying the regular grade EPS. Adding flame retardants, graphite and other additives have introduced "modified" EPS parts. The increasing use of EPS foam also brings opportunities for EPS recycling.


The good news is that some large enterprises, like INTCO recycling, have begun to accept recycled graphite EPS material and make it reused efficiently.


The improvement of EPS recycling rate is mainly based on two aspects, one is the influence of local recycling policy and recycling awareness, and the other is the application of professional equipment.


Local policies play a crucial role in the recycling of EPS waste. Some areas have previously issued bans on EPS products, especially the use of foam food containers. It proved the ban on EPS products is unsuccessful, but it also undermined recycling companies' confidence in the recycling of EPS waste. On the contrary, some local governments or organizations strongly support EPS recycling projects and provide financial subsidies to some recycling enterprises, such as some councils in the United States and Australia. Many enterprises apply for funds from the government to buy professional EPS recycling equipment.


Why do some enterprises think that EPS recycling does not make money? Because they spend most of their money on waste sorting and transportation. As we all know, EPS is light in weight, bulky, and costly to transport, moreover, dirty, impurity-containing EPS like foam food trays is not accepted by the recycling center, or it can be used after cleaning, but this is another large capital investment. In fact, after raising the residents' awareness of recycling, we only need to hold EPS recycling activities on a regular basis, or set up special EPS recycling points in residential areas and public places, and write our recycling requirements, so that more EPS waste will be recycled.


In order to reduce the cost of storage and transportation, professional foam recycling machines are essential. GREENMAX foam densifier can help you reduce the foam volume a ratio of 90:1, and make it into dense foam ingots for sale.


Invest in professional equipment, seize the opportunity of EPS recycling, and your EPS recycling program will definitely generate revenue for you.