Waco friends of the climate in Texas helps to transfer loose Styrofoam into ingots

Waco Friends of the climate in Texas hold many Styrofoam recycling activities every year, and July is no exception. On Sunday, July 11th, from 1 to 5 p.m. in the car park in front of Ocean Buffet at the corner of Valley Mills and Waco Drive, a recycling-free Styrofoam recycling activity will be held. Donors don't need to do anything else, just wear masks and stay in the vehicle, and park next to the U-Haul truck with a recycling sign.


Thanks to volunteers for this event, they will take materials from the donor's trunk and back seat for unified collection. In addition to the larger blocks and mouldings, the Styrofoam cup and other food containers were also accepted. Of course, packing peanuts is not accepted as always. The service is free because the collected Styrofoam can be recycled to make extra profits. 
After the Styrofoam is collected, the Styrofoam will be processed centrally to ensure that they are in a clean and pollution-free state. They will then be sent to the Styrofoam densifier through a conveyor belt. The crushing chamber will cut them into pieces, and the heating chamber will melt them into flowing form. Once they are cooled down, they would become solid ingots.


The price of the ingots fluctuates with the market. So if you have enough storage space, you can keep ingots until it reaches your psychological price. If you don't know when to sell, consult INTCO Recycling. INTCO has long acquired ingots for particle manufacturing. INTCO wants to achieve long-term cooperation with customers, so it will provide the most sincere price reference.


Besides, INTCO manufactures the Styrofoam densifier. In order to make Styrofoam compress more perfect, INTCO developed GREENMAX machine, not only to meet international standards but also to customize according to requirements and get the users' praise. If you have any questions, please contact INTCO.