Waste EPS finds a new life thanks to INTCO Recycling

EPS, a type of plastic that isn’t so fantastic when it comes to recycling, is now getting a new life thanks to the total solutions provided by INTCO Recycling.

It is well known that EPS is one of the most common plastic forms. You can find this material in takeaway coffee cups, express packages, seafood boxes and many other places. Even though EPS is widely used, it still has a low recycling rate.

However, waste EPS finds a new life thanks to INTCO Recycling. The company provides customer with foam waste regeneration process from EPS compressing, recycling to reusing. Let's take a look at how to implement these three processes:

EPS compressing

GREENMAX, the equipment brand under INTCO Recycling, specializes in providing EPS recycling equipment for EPS foam manufacturers, recyclers and end users. There are mainly three types of machine especially designed for EPS recycling. The APOLO series EPS compactor adopts advanced screw compacting technology from Europe. The surface melting principle is mainly aimed at PE foam recycling. The most productive is the MARS Series EPS densifier-foam melting machine, which has a 90:1 compression ratio, and this type of machine is very popular in North America.

EPS recycling

INTCO is also a recycling company. We purchase back the recycled foam material either in blocks or in ingots. INTCO Recycling has been in the EPS recycling industry for more than a decade, the company purchases recycle EPS blocks from more than 60 countries and regions around the world, with an annual purchase of 60,000 tons. INTCO Recycling is one of the largest EPS buyers in the world.

EPS reusing

The recycled EPS foam is a good raw material for new foam items production. INTCO is also the end user of recycled EPS material. The EPS scraps we purchased was transported to our factory in Malaysia, where the foam blocks will be processed into PS pellets, and then used as raw materials for the production of beautiful photo frames and decorative moldings.

What we referred above is the entire recycling process of EPS waste, there is no doubt that waste EPS finds a new life thanks to INTCO Recycling.