What are the advantages of polystyrene recycling for enterprises?

Polystyrene is commonly used as packaging materials because of its competitive price, durability, ability to withstand transport conditions and its ability to protect the material used in packaging.

In addition, expanded polystyrene (also called EPS) is environmentally friendly. In fact, it's 100% recyclable, but the material isn't biodegradable, meaning that once it's thrown into the natural environment, it will take hundreds of years to break down completely.

For enterprises, what are the advantages of polystyrene recycling?

Saving waste management cost

For polystyrene product manufacturers and cutters, polystyrene waste generated during the production process usually requires centralized collection by recycling companies and waste management companies. If the polystyrene recycling machine can be used for self-processing, it will save much disposal costs for waste polystyrene foam.

Making extra profits

For most recycling companies, do not accepting polystyrene recycling is an absolute loss. Although the volume of polystyrene foam is large and the transportation cost is always high, once compressed, the value of polystyrene recycling is greatly increased, which not only saves storage and transportation costs, but also bring extra profits to recycling companies.

Developing new business

Logistics companies and terminal furniture stores have a greater need to recycle polystyrene, and incorporating polystyrene recycling into their own additional services, which not only solved the problem of packaging waste for customers, improve customer satisfaction, but also expand the source of income for enterprises.

GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine can meet all your requirements. The machines we provided has the characteristics of high-end customization, simple operation, no pollution and hidden safety risks. The most important thing is that our machine can achieve a compression ratio of 50 to 90 to its original volume. In addition, polystyrene recycling is also of great significance to environmental protection. Therefore, it is urgent to take action to industrialize the recycling of polystyrene foam.